Trump’s America – Episode #201 – Kamala Harris Needs A More Important Job!

Kamala Harris “Wearing” A CARICOM Pin

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 14, 2020: This episode is taking its advice from a present Unique York Instances editorial – EXCEPT here, I in actuality own a much better resolution to their editorial inquire of of written for The Instances by the so-called legendary journalist Thomas L. Friedman.


Right here is the elementary bid for quickly to be Vice-President Kamala Harris. As everybody knows, Vice Presidents of the US own NO staunch job. Their job, in the event that you must to call it a job, in response to the U.S. Constitution, is to attain nothing, excluding to be prepared to alter into President if the President …

Without discover goes on to their Eternal Reward or one more space that’s sizzling – also now not here on Earth; OR the President will get kicked out by Congress or resigns. That is now not necessary of a job, and it almost by no device occurs anyway.

Excluding that you must argue Joe Biden can even honest be the likely President to need a Vice President since he’s so conclude to his Eternal Reward or that he has a son named Hunter, who can even honest be his loss of life. OR extra likely Joe Biden, could well precise mumble ENOUGH at some level of the next 4 years on fable of dreaming of being President is necessary extra thrilling than being President, especially for a 78-year-faded.

None of this matters precise now; what does subject is that Kamala Harris wants a  REAL job as Vice President so she doesn’t score BORED out of her thoughts doing nothing, but showing up at funerals Biden is now not attracted to attending.

Otherwise, the surely REAL job Harris will ever own as Vice President is any President Joe Biden decides to give her, which circles us support to The Unique York Instances editorial this week written by the “acclaimed” Tom Friedman.

That’s what had me trade the sector at the final moment for this episode, on fable of I know I in actuality own a higher idea for Harris than the NY Instances.

So, what does The Instances need Harris to attain for a REAL job starting January 20, 2021, and for the next four long years? Let’s fling to the editorial to uncover.

Tom Friedman writes: “Harris is too dapper and challenging to be precise the vice president, an arena with few legit tasks. I’d like to ascertain President-elect Joe Biden give her a extra crucial job: his de facto secretary of rural trend, to blame of closing the assorted gap, the connectivity gap, the educational gap, the commence-up gap — and the nettle and alienation gap — between rural The usa and the relaxation of the nation.”

Then Friedman, without which formulation to attain so, explains precise how entirely worthless his and The Instances idea is and I quote: “What ought to a Biden-Harris rural strategy check like? It would commence with showing up generally. ‘Showing up’ and ‘precise taking note of participants’ with appreciate goes a protracted strategy in rural The usa, Duluth’s mayor, Emily Larson, remarked to me. If truth be told, nothing earns extra appreciate than taking note of participants respectfully.”


This so-called “idea” is correct extra of the identical extra or less “job” most Presidents give Vice Presidents, precise relieve traveling around, showing up and LISTENING. That is going to attain loads for Rural The usa. Particular. Rural The usa is in such imperfect form on fable of it has NO energy or wealth to ardour the POWER Class.

Extra, with a government and an economy based mostly entirely on “winner steal all,” and ever increasing INEQUALITY, Rural The usa serves the identical reason as other areas where the “trash” goes to score it a long way off from the relaxation of us.

Vice President Harris traveling with no kill in sight around The usa on Air Power, highlighting Rural The usa is a total raze of her time and ours. Hello Tom, we all already know in regards to the inferior issues in Rural The usa.

 Kamala Harris telling us what we know and that the rich and tough’s totally ardour in Rural The usa is Lip Carrier, will attain nothing for anybody.

ENOUGH of that – let’s score Harris a REAL job! A job wherein she’s going to affect necessary, and a job she is PERFECTLY marvelous to, and which we are in desperate need.


The Caribbean and the final cramped worldwide locations and loads islands in that place, which is so, so crucial to the US for strategic reasons, but it’s a long way the most UNDER performing place wherever on Earth and is characterised by FAILURE AND NEGLECT.

Neglect by whom you inquire of? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

The Caribbean has extra UNREALIZED possible than another place wherever on our planet and that has been its fate for thus long as there has been a United States because the a form of Caribbean islands own almost about all in the end gotten rid of their European colonial slave masters.

Sadly, for the Caribbean participants and the US, the white plantation owners own largely been replaced by a cadre of  Caribbeans of Coloration who had been and are agreeable at mimicking the White Overlords.

Without going into the neatly-identified crucial parts in regards to the Haitian Revolt the surely agreeable Slave revolt in human historical past till it wasn’t; what has took space since has been the signature of Caribbean governments.

As of late, and for a protracted time, there has been a WORTHLESS so-called union of Caribbean countries named CARICOM. Nothing better exemplifies the shortcoming of growth the Caribbean has made as a suite. It could maybe maybe now not be extra ineffective.

All they’ve performed is OPEN up the Caribbean to Chinese infiltration. The vultures in the Chinese Communist Party know a factual ingredient for them after they glance it. The Caribbean’s weak point, mixed with the US LACK of ardour in the Caribbean, is an awfully devoted various for China to firmly plant itself as conclude to the US as it’s a long way ability to attain.


Right here is why you and everybody ought to read Trump’s The usa – quickly to be Biden’s The usa – per week of the year. Right here you score solutions!

Everybody, I mean everybody, knows Kamala Harris is Indian-The usa. What a long way fewer know is Harris is EQUALLY Caribbean-American.

Harris has ZERO probability of having any affect in the 2d biggest nation on Earth – India.

While CARIBBEAN American Kamala Harris can own extra profound affect in the Caribbean than any American in historical past. The Caribbean has been observing for generations to own a POWERFUL express in the US who can BOTH score the U.S.government to give the Caribbean  the attention and resources it deserves, but has NEVER bought, and precise as importantly ..

Kamala Harris DEVOTING HERSELF to the Caribbean will WAKE UP the Caribbean to its high-quality and unrealized possible. Certain, Harris wants a SECOND title – AMERICA’S AMBASSADOR FOR THE CARIBBEAN.

Harris ought to exhaust a long way extra time in the Caribbean the next four years than any American legit in historical past – both motivating the Caribbean participants, and because the Caribbean’s messenger to Washington, and the American government.

AND IF HARRIS IS LISTENING, and she or he obvious ought to be, Harris ought to name my boss, Caribbean-American Felicia Persaud, as her major advertising and marketing and marketing consultant in this all-crucial mission. Persaud exemplifies the most efficient of the Caribbean.

So, YES Harris wants one more job while VP, and I in actuality own precise created it for her.

(This sequence devoted in honor of the leisurely Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)

EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Author: Arthur Piccolo is a marvelous creator and commentator and on the final writes about Latin The usa for Unique Americas.

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