“Twelve” by Photographer Juliana Sohn

Exploring the transitory stage between childhood and adulthood, photographer Juliana Sohn documents the lives of 12-three hundred and sixty five days-ragged women in Unique York Metropolis in her assortment, “Twelve.” Describing the age as a time of both disorientation and discovery, Sohn explains: “I wished to strive to lift this fleeting but serious duration of their lives. I hoped to lift a range of these women’ experiences as they navigated emotional and physical adjustments, shifting social dynamics and evolving self-identities.”

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“What’s crucial to me correct now would possibly almost definitely be being ready to empathize with folk and dealing out what they’ll be feeling or what impacts them. I genuinely feel like various folk, especially after they are going by means of a tough age and time, like now, they want so as to expose heart’s contents to someone, for somebody to esteem what’s going down, and for them so as to delivery up and belief them. That’s genuinely treasured, to hold someone you genuinely belief, to hold someone you genuinely genuinely feel you almost definitely can also belief your right personality with, you perceive? And that’s who I desire to be to my mates.” – Gloria

“Plenty about twelve three hundred and sixty five days olds is that they don’t precisely know learn how to work alongside with each and every other. ‘Effectively, are you my friend? Am I now not your friend? Or attain I strive to correct piss you off as considerable as humanly that you simply almost definitely can also mediate of?’ I mediate that’s all people’s tactic to an even extent.”Saoirse

“It’s very, very complicated to pause being mates with someone but live apt with them. I know folk I was extraordinarily terminate to and now am now not mates with at all. The vogue that I felt I had to head about that was entirely stopping all communications with them. And now not searching at them, talking to them, interacting with them at all. And I mediate that will almost definitely perchance even be a roughly immaturity that I aloof don’t genuinely genuinely feel ready to neatly reduce myself off from someone in a aged plot. The dearth of maturity that I if truth be told hold and the overt immaturity of folk I mediate has kept me from being ready to hold aged endings to friendships.”Betty

“I would possibly almost definitely deliver being 12 is an awkward, fun, spirited, rotten, nerve racking, difficult, and figuring out who you almost definitely can also almost definitely be roughly age. For me, all I wished was to expose 13 because I would possibly almost definitely formally be a teenager. Honestly, I’m now not definite why I wished to be a 13 three hundred and sixty five days ragged. I thunder it was that I wasn’t cushty with the age 12 or the number 12. It’s form of in the center of small one-childhood and then a soar to a teenager because 11 would possibly perchance be the small one-childhood, 12 would possibly perchance be the awkward heart then 13 would be corpulent child. All I wished was to be 13 and catch the three hundred and sixty five days over with.”Blue

“My total life my hair has been what I’m, you perceive what I mean? Plenty of oldsters know me this ability that of my hair, “Oh, I love your hair. You furthermore mght can hold genuinely edifying hair.” And nothing else. Obviously, I was extra than that, but making a drastic change to my look was vital to me.”Sylvia

“I utter in church and this three hundred and sixty five days I if truth be told participated in the faculty abilities expose. I sang this song known as Upward push Up by Andra Day. And it was slightly hideous brooding about it was college but I aloof sang. I was kinda freaking out but I was like, “That you would possibly also attain this! It is a must-want to correct consume going!” I if truth be told wished to attain it for a whereas and I had mates who had been telling me that I will attain it, that I if truth be told hold various abilities. They had been very supportive.”Sachary

“My college goes from 6-12 and I thought 12th graders kissing in the halls and it makes me genuinely feel kinda unhappy so I know that me correct now, I wouldn’t be ready to be in a relationship and I don’t desire to be in a relationship. I love romance in books, romance on tv, romance in motion photography, but I don’t prefer it in right life too considerable. As a minimal now not but.” – Sylvia

“At my ragged college I endure in thoughts in sixth grade my grades had been genuinely putrid. They weren’t awful, but they had been on the lower aspect of average. And I didn’t care. Infrequently, I believed that mean jokes had been silly and my ragged mates, after they did things to catch consideration or did small things to those that had been purported to be their mates, I correct went alongside with it because I didn’t know what else to deliver. If I kept doing that, I don’t know what would hold took position. I’m genuinely delighted that I didn’t quit.”Megan

“As soon as I mediate of myself at twelve years ragged I mediate of this small weakling and it roughly annoys me. Admire there had been various uncared for opportunities after I was twelve. I was so small and a lifeless bloomer and . I’m aloof evolving, I’m aloof young. Nevertheless now I indubitably hold a sense of who I’m, like I’m now not going to let folk push me spherical anymore or let myself down because I mediate I indubitably created my have misery. So now I’m stronger and I know who I’m and I’m going to strive to now not let that happen again.” – Simone

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