VIDEO: Even Mr. AMG Bought a BMW M2 CS

With out query, the most fun Bavarian product on sale is the BMW M2 CS. Whereas you furthermore mght can gain 80-percent of the fun from an M2 Competition, the CS is the top of what the M Division can for the time being attain. If reality be told, the M2 CS is so appropriate that it’s even convinced (on the side of some encouragement from Chris Harris) an avid AMG proprietor to rob one.

On this new video from Capture away Earlier than Escape, we glance Mr. AMG rob a BMW M2 CS. That’s an uncommon sounding sentence, as an AMG fan ought to aloof despise any BMW M product. On the different hand, Raz Rehan (Mr. AMG) is a honest automobile fanatic and could well like cars from any ticket. So after some belief, he determined to rob himself an M2 CS and this video shows why.

Raz’s reasoning for making an strive for the BMW M2 CS became as soon as its exclusivity. Even supposing it’s pretty a dinky bit dearer than an M2 Comp, it’s surely going to retain its charge far greater and it could probably well even like in charge. So after about a years of ownership, it’s nearly a straightforward task that when he sells it, he’ll non-public misplaced much less money than if he did the same with an M2 Competition. So, in a technique, it’s surely more moderately priced to rob the M2 CS.

Plus, it’s a wonderful driver’s automobile. The BMW M2 CS is the sharpest, most partaking driver’s automobile to return from Bavaria for the reason that 1 Sequence M, so it’s no surprise that it’s in a position to convince an enormous AMG fan to rob one. Plus, now he has the need of riding both an M2 CS or an AMG C63 S Coupe (amongst other cars) for fun. They’re two wildly different cars however offer obvious flavors that will likely retain Raz entertained for about a years to return. To order we’re jealous could well be a awful understatement.