VIDEO: MINI Cooper SE vs Honda E vs Fiat 500 Electric — Lovecars

There are in actuality an very ultimate looking amount of actually helpful electric hatchbacks within the marketplace, giving customers fantastic affordable EV choices. Three of the upper EV hatchbacks plod head-to-head-to-head on this new comparison test from Lovecars — the MINI Cooper SE, Honda E and Fiat 500 Electrical.

All three of these aforementioned EV hatchbacks provide a tight amount of attach, fun styling, first rate satisfactory vary and fun-to-drive facing. But which vehicle is most productive?

This new comparison video shows off how these three cars compete in quite loads of surprisingly necessary assessments. For occasion, we discover to look which vehicle has essentially the most productive internal/cargo attach, which has the tightest turning circle and even which one costs the fastest. Admittedly, the relaxation test will get reasonably ruined, as the charging stations they feeble weren’t charging at their max capability, which nullified every vehicle’s max charging dart. So the test modified into once skewed nonetheless that wasn’t the fault of the Lovecars group.

Clearly, being that Tiff Needell is phase of the Lovecars testing group, they’d to form some performance testing as neatly. So they ran every cars through a scuttle bustle and they drove them on the freeway. Needell furthermore tried his hand at doing donuts within the rear-wheel drive Honda E, which is de facto an enormous attribute of the vehicle.

The MINI Cooper SE fared rather neatly in these assessments and proved itself to be a tight itsy-bitsy EV hatch. It modified into once the fastest, had seemingly essentially the most productive total facing and does look actually helpful. But it with out a doubt furthermore has its flaws. Its vary is missing, its back seat and cargo attach are itsy-bitsy and it costs slower than the the relaxation of the bunch. So it’s by no means essentially the most productive EV of them all. As a vehicle, fans could perchance perchance take care of it reasonably extra nonetheless, as an real EV, the MINI Cooper SE wants some work.