VIDEO: Watch The Stig Drift James Bond’s E46 M3-powered Aston Martin DB5

When the foremost trailer for the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die debuted, followers had been jazzed about seeing Bond compose gunfire-stuffed donuts in a 1965 Aston Martin DB5, the classic Bond vehicle. On the opposite hand, for the verbalize filming of the movie, the manufacturing workers did no longer expend a valid 1965 Aston Martin. As an different, they built a equipment vehicle, with a supreme reproduction body and personalized-built chassis for stunt vehicle-accountability. On the opposite hand, for the engine, it’s believed that the stunt workers actually went with one thing more Bavarian.

Obviously, the stunt workers received’t verbalize what salvage of engine this verbalize DB5 stunt vehicle uses however they did negate that it uses a naturally-aspirated straight-six engine that’s quite current and makes simply over 300 horsepower. There aren’t many engines that match that bill, so it’s normally believed, and we’re all nearly certain, that it uses an E46 BMW M3 engine. That idea is all however confirmed however the noise of it in addition, as it has the an identical signature BMW I6 exclaim at beefy chat.

On this video, we salvage to appreciate The Stig lap the E46 M3-powered Aston Martin DB5 stunt vehicle around a closed road loop and it’s elegant. Now no longer most attention-grabbing does it appreciate loyal however it looks esteem so great enjoyable. The stunt vehicle’s chassis, being namely built for stunt driving, looks incredibly well balanced and controllable. The Stig slides it around beautifully and it simply holds onto gargantuan drifts. All of the while, you hear that unfiltered six-cylinder engine screaming along, making apt motorsport noises and it’s highly addictive.

What’s funny is ought to you see the POV on-board digicam, you see The Stig working a large diameter wood guidance wheel from a ’60s Aston Martin. From that seek, the noise and rate of dart appear completely at odds with the vehicle and it’s loyal. Take a look at it out and like some enjoyable.