“What Has Been Will Be Again” by Photographer Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland is a Birmingham, Alabama-primarily primarily based comely artwork documentary photographer and former White Condominium photograph editor. With the make stronger of the Assemble Factual Fund and Magnum Foundation, his ongoing sequence, “What Has Been Will Be Again,” is a photographic see of his dwelling lisp of Alabama. Tracing the steps of conquistador Hernando de Soto, uncovering areas of former indigenous habitation and removal, visiting sites alongside the fight for civil rights, and bearing peek to what Ragland describes because the “scars inflicted by ongoing systemic racial, ecological, and economic injustice,” the sequence is a haunting and aloof portrait of a novel American South.

“My plot is to photograph my native dwelling in a heartfelt spirit of authenticity, embracing each and every the abject and the elegant – and the manner to the two typically, mysteriously, intersect,” Ragland explains. “In a time of pandemic and negate, looming economic despair, and a generation-defining nationwide election, “What Has Been Will Be Again” surveys a Southern Gothic panorama to poetically and lyrically mediate on this consequential moment.”

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