What Is Olija And Why You Should You Try It?

January is nearly over, and as traditional, the massive releases slowed down after the busy holiday season. Hitman 3 become very ultimate, but a host of anticipated video games esteem The Medium and Cyber Shadow did not completely command. Nonetheless in most cases a sport can come out of nowhere and galvanize you, and which potential that of this I’m pondering Olija by Skeleton Crew Studios. It appropriate launched this week, and I’ve had a mammoth time with it up to now; it blends snappily-paced wrestle, an atmospheric and welcoming world, and taking part settlement-building to invent one of many One year’s first huge surprises. Right here is why you are going to non-public to are trying it out.

Memoir And Presentation

I haven’t performed Olija, so I can’t utter to all the account’s total quality. Nonetheless, I am deeply intrigued. The game opens with protagonist Lord Faraday getting shipwrecked among the many islands of Terraphage whereas on a mission to raise love and sources abet to his struggling village. His crew gets scattered to diverse isles, so it turns into one thing of a rescue mission as he explores creepy dungeons seeking them. Sooner than long he encounters creepy, form-shifting monsters and a host of adversarial foes, moreover the mysterious Lady Olija. I’m no longer certain what to invent of Olija herself but, but I’m abnormal to glimpse what her agenda is as Faraday tries to assemble better his crew and assemble the heck out of Terraphage. 

When you happen to gaze Olija’s arresting originate trailer, it’s easy to if truth be told feel slighted by its in-sport presentation. Plug, it’s no longer a cultured arresting anecdote, however the pixel art is smoothly arresting in one intention that feels esteem a latest take on the distinctive Prince of Persia. Cutscenes invent basically the most of this with dramatic digicam angles and copious abrupt cuts to unlit. In transient, Olija has style. There’s also hundreds of anxious moments, in most cases piquant the brutal manner Terraphage’s monstrosites abolish or change into their victims. The ominous soundtrack creates a fixed sense of eerie unease, which is suitable given you’re facing bizarre supernatural forces. 


At a notice you is no longer going to wager Olija’s wrestle would possibly presumably be as stress-free because it is, but it absolutely’s a cultured treat. The core of the journey is a magic harpoon veteran to impale enemies and objects, which it is doubtless you’ll perchance then exhaust as an anchor to teleport in direction of them. It feels mammoth, and is supremely worthwhile each as a platforming tool and for closing the gap against ranged basically basically based mostly foes. Plus, recalling the harpoon hits any individual caught in its course, equal to recalling Kratos’ axe in 2018’s God of Battle, constructing extra technique in environment up enemies. 

A unfold of sub weapons are stress-free of their very comprise appropriate. Capable now I in actuality non-public a rapier that enhances the heavier harpoon with snappily melee strikes. A crossbow presents snappily fireplace bolts and a shotgun-esque musket fires worthy spreading shots. Sub-weapons would possibly perchance moreover be swapped on the waft, making it a cinch to alternate wrestle styles in the warmth of battle. 

All of this leads to wrestle that is surprisingly fluid and snappily-paced with an emphasis on combos. It almost feels esteem a closely pixelated Devil May perchance well Cry at aspects, seriously because it is doubtless you’ll perchance originate enemies and juggle them in mid-air. You would possibly presumably moreover knock enemies into partitions or pits. Particular hats lend supplementary abilities similar to permitting avid gamers to lumber the harpoon esteem a propeller or firing feather daggers whereas performing dodge rolls. Fight feels mammoth and would possibly presumably even be Olija’s strongest side. 


Olija isn’t quite a Metroidvania, however the dungeons invent feature a handful of paths that on the total require puzzle-fixing and lightweight backtracking. There are no stage maps (no no longer as a lot as none that I’ve came upon but), and which would possibly perchance annoy some avid gamers. Nonetheless, whereas levels non-public more than one paths, they’re peaceful sufficiently limited the place I would possibly perchance barely with out problems keep in mind the place I’d gone.  Teleporting around with the harpoon is stress-free, as is the utilization of it to search out secret areas hiding collectible bottled ships. There’s also some fair vary, similar to 1 space that requires paunchy stealth to assemble via. To this point, I haven’t seen any a host of space that referred to as for that, so it’s wintry to glimpse one-off mechanics esteem this. Traps and diverse obstacles are stress-free to beat, and there’s even about a wintry setpiece moments I won’t spoil. 


Settlement-building feels all the rage , and Olija hops on the pattern with its comprise take. Between missions avid gamers return to Oaktide, a port that’s before everything in terrible disrepair. As avid gamers uncover and rescue their displaced crewmates, Oaktide grows into a bustling port. One way or the other avid gamers label a potion seeker who can amplify most well being and present a ship to lumber attempting love, which you’ll come by upon your next visit. Given the game’s total dark tone, it feels simply to glimpse some hope by bringing crewmate after crewmate abet to Oaktide. I’m a sucker for building up a home atrocious in video games, and whereas Olija’s isn’t the deepest example of it, it’s peaceful fascinating.  

To this point Olija’s my well-liked sport of 2021, and I can’t wait to dive abet in and glimpse how the mystery unfolds. When you happen to hope to give a shot, it’s accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Swap, and PC for $14.99. Peep us play one of the main crucial sport’s early hours in this episode of New Gameplay Right this moment.