Will Self-driving Trucks Put Truck Drivers Out of Business?

HDT Talks Trucking Special File: Self-using trucks will clearly displace some drivers. The expect every person is asking is what number of and when. The Federal Motor Carrier Security Administration’s sleek deputy administrator and up to the moment performing administrator, Meera Joshi, talked about in mid-March, “If it’s your livelihood that appears uncover it irresistible’s being threatened, it is an instantaneous dispute.” However realistically, given the development timelines for self sustaining trucks, and advance-length of time market penetration, if you is at probability of be a truck driver this day, it is unlikely you would possibly lose your job to a robotic truck. Finch Fulton, vice president of protection and formula for Locomation and outdated DOT deputy assistant secretary of transportation protection, explains why

HDT — FMCSA Chief: Independent Trucks Mean ‘True and Huge Impacts on People’s Livelihoods’

Federal Register: Computerized Autos Comprehensive Notion; Interrogate for Feedback

Locomation: Human-guided Autonomy

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November 3, 2022

Special File: On The Boulevard to Smarter Shining Trailers

Shining Trailers are upending how truck fleets finish trade. These beforehand brainless containers are now offering insights and intelligence to fleets that motivate enhance efficiency and productiveness whereas making fleets proactive in preference to reactive. Paul Menig of Alternate Accelerants discusses where this abilities can intention end us, and what we are going to must finish to ranking there.

November 4, 2022

Special File: All the pieces You Must Know about Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen gasoline cells are nonetheless a bit mysterious. Are they a solution to trucking’s fluctuate terror? Can they compete with diesel? Are they safe? Loop Vitality president and CEO, Ben Nyland, pulls motivate curtain on gasoline cells. He tells us how they work, where they’ll work, and what they finish simplest.

November 22, 2022

Special File: Cops & Robots – How Attain We Set apart in power Independent Trucks?

Special File: Whereas there are within the meanwhile most attention-grabbing few dozen robotic or self sustaining trucks on The usa’s highways, the Commercial Vehicle Security Alliance is already wrathful by the logistics of enforcement. Our visitor, CVSA’s Will Schaefer, muses on straightforward grasp robotic trucks on the straight and narrow.

November 23, 2022

Special File: Robotic Trucking, the Waymo Skill

Waymo Via, the Google-automotive spinoff that operates tractor trailers, is inching nearer to corpulent deployment of its driverless prolonged-haul trucks. Founder and head of the self-using trucks trade, Vijaysai (Vijay) Patnaik, joins Jim Park to say about the hot affirm of the abilities and the intention in which Waymo’s decade of abilities positions it successfully for public and trade acceptance.

November 24, 2022

Special File: Are Independent Trucks Ready for the Boulevard?

In case you settle the hype, that you simply would be in a position to mediate driverless trucks are correct all the intention in which thru the nook. Dr. Mary “Missy” Cummings is a professor at Duke University and the Director of Duke’s People and Autonomy lab. She says she’s 100% within the motivate of robotic trucks within the prolonged length of time, but warns that primary work remains to manufacture safe, strong and knowledgeable self-using autos and trucks.

November 25, 2022

Covid-19 Special File: Conserving Drivers More fit and Happier For the length of the Pandemic

Staying healthy whereas residing in a truck is refined at essentially the most attention-grabbing of instances. Add the stress of residing below an epidemic, and staying healthy and sure becomes doubly refined. Vitamin and wellness knowledgeable Sergio Rojas shares his suggestions on how diet, fitness, appropriate sleep and even meditation can motivate enhance successfully being and wellness and lower stress.

December 14, 2022

Special File: Surviving COVID-19

Kansas Metropolis-primarily based fully mostly team lease-operators Chanté and Chris Drew caught COVID-19 whereas on the avenue in March. They had been laid up at home for practically a month, tormented by uncertainty, monetary tension, and naturally the illness itself.

December 16, 2022

Special File: Truck Riding For the length of a Pandemic (Portion I)

In this two-section HDT Talks Trucking Special File, we introduce you to seven drivers who are residing on the front line of the fight with COVID-19. Portion I seems at how COVID-19 impacts drivers’ day by day actions and the intention in which they’re adjusting to this sleek reality.

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